another fail! why i never can get them? lol.
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aarghhh yabbee naa
oh damn!!
They already publish their relationship on facebo*k,,
first i thought the uke one got a real bf, coz she didnt mention who the heck she in relationship with,,
but few hours later, she mentioned the name.
Yep. Its my partner name.. :(
damn my heart aching,, ;_;
i guess there's really no hope for me to get in through her heart,,
ahh hope i really can forget this feeling,,
and take her as my sister, no other feelings.
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everlasting love >w<
there's someone in my heart
someone who get my everlasting love
it's somekind like
I just need her
I wanna always keep contact with her
Im very very jealous of her gf
but still I wont let her know about it, nah.
Although I already said that I will forget her
but she's still lurking around inside my heart and my mind
sometimes I do something stupid
sometimes I wondering when she will broke up with her gf
sometimes I really wanna hug her

she's so silly!
she never takes my feeling seriously!
she always take me as her sister
I know she's still take care of me
can I deserve to get more than that?
I think im deserved it!
my feeling is already lurking around for last 2 years
but Im so stupid
I never told her my feeling
Im just running away
coz Im scared
Im scared that she will get off from me coz I have that feeling

Stupid me,
now she already have a gf
when I want to get to close her
it's all to late

And now I come back to my old self
Just seeing her from distance
just letting her take care of me as sister
just close to her as her sister
I want get more than this
Really I want it so badly.

Never been so sure
This love is pure
Than the hours that I met you
Possibilities are endless
All the gifts that fate has sent us

Open up your hurt
Happiness surrounds us
Everyday, a new beginning

There's an everlasting love
A love that never dies
Unseen ties bind us there
We made a promise that
We'd never ever break
These ties that bind us

There's an everlasting light
A light that never dims
If we shine, let it in
Eternally, for you and me
Til the end of time
It's an everlasting love.
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should be mine.
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