screenplay :(
Here! My mid exam scores. lolz..


That screenplay of animation class makes me worry till now.
The score is still N/A, rofl..

We need to re-tell about Malin Kundang story, but in drama-comedy genre =_=!
Im very confused when I made that! How come Malin Kundang turns into drama-comedy??

And so, I made Malin Kundang's ship was attacked by a giant squid. (kraken wannabe)
hope I get a nice scores. But im too scary omg..

And dammit with the Modelling class D:
I already made my 3d for about 2 month progress,
and with 4 hours ++ rendering,,
and I only got an 78. geezz!

I think I deserve to get more than that *cries*

This is my 1st 3d modelling.
He is a chick, and his name is Otong. rofl, I love Indonesia <3
not bad eh? for my 1st 3d modelling D:
but wtf, I only got that score :(

I'll do better in next 3d project!

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